We invite everyone to build on Sismo! Please find here all resources and current programs for builders.

<aside> 📚 Resources

**Doc FAQ Github Drive App Playground Factory Tutorial: Read Sismo Badges Tutorial: Mint a badge from your app Tutorial: Create your ZK Badge in 15 min**


<aside> 🛠️ Upcoming Hackathons


<aside> 💸 Hackathon prizes Privacy fighter prize - $ 2,000: Best use of Sismo to improve users privacy Sybil Killer prize - $ 1,500: Best sybil resistant ZK Badge ZK builder prize - $ 1,500: Best on-chain use of ZK Badge


<aside> 💸 Live Bounties Sismo Dune Dashboard Attester implementing semaphore groups


<aside> 💸 Live Grants Governance system using Sismo ZK Badge as a reputational vector in the voting power Integration of one or several Sybil resistant badges on top of Sismo (Proof of humanity, Gitcoin passport or KYC provider integration)


What is Sismo and ZK Badges?

Sismo enables users to generate ZK Badges proving their reputation or identity without compromising their privacy. A ZK Badge is a Non-Transferrable Token which represents a fact about a user, for example:

The ZK Badge minting process involves 2 accounts

ZK badges are meant for an easy integration in your app, feel free to check this tutorial.

Sismo is a modular and open protocol: anyone can easily create their own Badge for any app or community.

Feel free to see how you can create a ZK Badge very easily here.

Playground environment

Sismo has deployed a playground environment on Polygon. It is an entirely permissionless zone for hackers to experiment around Sismo. By following this tutorial, you can easily add your own ZK Badge to the playground environment.

This environment includes: